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Why Is 7/10 Called OIL Day and What Is It?

July 06, 2021 • 11 am

You have probably heard marijuana called 420 (celebrated April 20th) and maybe the myths surrounding the decades old story. However, a new celebratory day has appeared on the cannabis calendar in recent years with more traceable origins. July 10th has been designated OIL Day (or Dab Day in some circles), a holiday celebrating cannabis concentrates in its many forms, such as cannabis oils, cannabis wax, resin, hash, and tincture.

cannabis concentrates extract cannabinoids terpenes THC CBD for medicinal use

The date 7/10 has become known as “OIL” Day. When turned upside down, the numbers spell O-I-L. Cannabis enthusiasts have eagerly adopted the moniker, adding yet another celebratory cannabis holiday. For those who like to treat every day like a holiday, many also celebrate 7:10 AM and 7:10 PM any day of the year.

The effectiveness of high-quality cannabis oils and concentrates has heightened interest in cannabis products beyond the traditional flower form. As states legalized cannabis, they established standards to produce cannabis, oils, resin, and other products that contained THC and CBD.

Further research opportunities and funding led to the development of products that have a higher concentration of active ingredients in pure form. These can provide quicker absorption, faster impact, and greater effectiveness for many. The advancement of cannabis science and products have provided relief for medical cannabis users.

cannabis oil extracts for wax rosin kief vape dab hash

Different methods are used to collect the cannabinoids and terpenes for concentrates. Physical or mechanical means are used for some concentrates such as rosin and kief. Extracts use solvents to collect the concentrated matter as with wax or Rick Simpson Oil.

For those who have not expanded beyond traditional cannabis use, Oil Day may offer the perfect opportunity to try dabbing or vaping. Many dispensaries will offer Oil Day specials. Be sure to shop at a reputable dispensary known for trained cannabis consultants and a curated inventory to ensure you get the best quality products for your specific needs. Mark your calendar and enjoy Oil Day!

Written in conjunction with The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert, an award-winning Southern California dispensary known for a curated product line, knowledgeable staff, and educational approach to cannabis.


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