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The Best Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis

July 14, 2020 • 02 pm

While it remains a popular choice, smoking marijuana is just one of the delivery methods for receiving the benefits of THC and CBD. The legalization of recreational cannabis has broadened the marketplace to a full range of products that can impact and benefit users in various ways, through different methods of intake.

Devotees of cannabis have been developing product variants in the shadows for centuries. However, recent legalization has put the full force of modern science at work to produce the best products, in the purest form, to deliver the best results. In fact, there are products you might enjoy with which you might not even be familiar.

The sheer volume of delivery methods has required an entirely new vocabulary, even for the familiar products of the past. What was once simply called marijuana, weed, or pot has now been categorized as flower. Although still available as loose buds, manufacturers also sell pre-roll joints, making it all that much easier to smoke a jay. For many, the choice becomes a matter of taste, much like the difference between buying ground coffee versus whole beans.

other delivery methods for THC CBD cannabis besides smoking

Vaping cannabis became a popular option during the past decade. In fact, younger adult customers, widely prefer vaping their cannabis. Users of all ages enjoy the benefits, including less smell and greater convenience. Vape devices also offer the ability to use flower or more potent concentrates. There may be some minor technical knowledge and device maintenance required.

Edibles have also moved beyond the traditional marijuana brownies of yore. Commercial kitchens and confectioners have introduced THC indulgences such as Big Pete’s Peanut Butter Mini Cookies, Coda Signature Chocolate Bars, and Dixie’s Peppermint Relaxing Mints. Among the variety of drinks, you can find Kikoko Tea, Cann fruit flavored tonic, Dixie Elixir drinks, Rebel Coast Winery alcohol-free cannabis-infused wine, and Rickett Brewing’s Jolie Fleur Blanc THC champagne.

fleur blanc champagne rebel coast cannabis wine cann tonics

Tinctures are a great way to blend just the right amount of THC and CBD into your food. Fiddler's Greens are organic olive oil based tinctures for hot or cold foods. Papa & Barkley Releaf Tinctures are based in MCT oil formulated to help your body metabolize cannabinoids quicker. Nano5 Oral Sprays are water-soluble oils that can also be added to your favorite bottled water. Sweeten your dishes with THC infused Leef Maple Syrup and Kikoko HoneyShot blended from Manuka honey. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding all uses.

As sublinguals, tinctures can also be applied directly under the tongue for quick absorption into the bloodstream. This delivery allows for a quicker reaction and better portion control. Popular choices include Mary's Medicinals tincture oils and Care By Design Sublingual Drops.

kin slips cloud buster float on shut eye park life

Another sublingual product is the convenient and distinctive Sublingual Strips by Kin Slips. These tiny squares slip beneath your tongue and dissolve into flavorful bliss. These are not easy to find, so be sure to grab some when you see them. And for those who want the effects without any flavor, there are a variety of gel caps, tablets, and capsules, most notably ProTabs by Level and Sleepy Time soft gel capsules by AbsoluteXtracts.

Of course, there is another way to go entirely and that is to avoid ingestion. Here again, we find a range of products to meet your needs. Balms, lotions, and creams started coming into the marketplace with California’s legalization of medical marijuana in 1996. Topicals are typically used to address pain and are applied directly to the affected area. Medicated patches, such as Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patch and Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patch, can also be applied directly to the body.

For those who enjoy bath time, there are several options for pleasure or pain relief. Coda Signature offers a wide range of soothing and sensual bath bombs while Dixie and Papa & Barkley’s bath soaks are sure to relieve those daily aches and pains. Seeking that perfect gift? Be sure to check out Leef Organics' “Nooks & Crannies” CBD soaps loaded with botanical ingredients to cleanse, relieve and rebalance.

As research into the benefits of marijuana expands, so do the offerings of products targeting the specific needs of customers. Finding the cannabis or CBD product that is right for you may be as simple as speaking to a well-informed Leaf Cannabis Consultant or shopping at a dispensary carrying a large line of curated products.

best inventory staff CBD products delivery la quinta near me

Customers in the desert cities of Southern California are fortunate to have access to The Leaf El Paseo. This dispensary is renowned for its extensive inventory of the finest marijuana products from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Each staff member meets their stringent requirements for cannabis education and training. No matter what style of cannabis you prefer, delivering the best customer experience has made The Leaf El Paseo a destination visit for first-timers and connoisseurs alike.


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