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When is Croptober and What Does It Mean?

October 08, 2021 • 12 pm

Croptober celebrates the annual harvesting of outdoor grown cannabis flowers. This practice aligns with the traditions of agrarian communities that have honored the yield of crops borne from earth and sun for centuries. Marijuana growers join their brethren as they reap the fruits of their labor to share with the masses.

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This is a great time for consumers as the abundance of product can lead to better prices and special deals. It also tends to bring a variety of new strains to market, which provides a fun opportunity to explore other horizons. For connoisseurs, the influx of fresh flower is an absolute delight.

The premium quality of California grown cannabis has been coveted since the 1960s and 70s. The state’s rich soil, temperate climate, and golden sunshine have provided the ingredients for some of the world’s best crops. The legalization of recreational marijuana has enabled grower access to the state’s ideal outdoor growing environment.

Cannabis is an annual crop, which means it has only one bloom period during its lifecycle. It must be grown from seed (or clone) to maturity season after season. Different varieties may mature at slightly different rates, but outdoor crops typically mature in the autumn harvest season.

However, marijuana is a finicky crop to grow correctly. Some producers prefer growing in a controlled environment, such as a climate-controlled warehouse. While this method has its own unique challenges, it does allow year-round harvesting when growing cycles are staggered. Greenhouses are another growing method, essentially a hybrid of outdoor and indoor growing.

Outdoor growing, estimated at 58 percent statewide in 2017, provides plenty of fresh harvested crop to celebrate during Croptober. Greenhouse growing accounted for another 33 percent. Fortunately, the celebration extends to all manner of cannabis making it more of an overall nod to marijuana flower.

marijuana flower bud oil extracts tinctures topicals in palm desertupscale senior patients enjoy fresh cannabis flower from the leaf

As the legal cannabis industry matures it is important to celebrate featured events, such as 420 (April 20th), Oil Day (7/10), and Croptober (month of October). With full legalization not available nationwide, these acknowledgments help to normalize the use of cannabis and bring about mainstream acceptance.

Cannabis producers have embraced the celebration by offering discounts and new products throughout the Croptober season. New fresh flower varieties are stocked, sometimes in limited quantities, so act quickly. Special deals are also extended to extracts, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. Laws restrict public advertising of sale prices, so be sure to sign up for your favorite dispensary emails and texts.

Enjoy the Croptober season which runs throughout October. Some early harvests have put the celebration in full swing from the get-go this season, so visit your favorite dispensary soon to enjoy the best offerings.

Written in conjunction with The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert, an award-winning Southern California dispensary known for a curated product line, knowledgeable staff, and educational approach to cannabis.


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