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This Season’s Top 5 New Cannabis Products

November 19, 2021 • 11 am

This is a fun time of year as manufacturers promote hot new products to capture consumer interest. The cannabis industry is no exception as new brands, products, and accessories are hitting the shelves. Let’s explore a variety of new cannabis tech and products that might capture your interest or make the perfect gift.

When recreational cannabis started to become legal it opened the door to mainstream commerce. Then in 2016, California voters legalized marijuana, opening the door even further by providing access to the largest consumer market in the country.

Manufacturers hit stores with a wide variety of cannabis products, hoping to capture market share. And while major retail has shifted to online sales, the nature of cannabis laws means that dispensaries still rely heavily on in-store presence and limited shelf space. As a result, products are becoming more refined to target direct consumer needs.

Here are some newer products and brands that are hitting dispensary shelves, which consumers are sure to enjoy:

Maven Genetics has set a clear goal to “breed and cultivate premium and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest quality.” While this might easily be dismissed as marketing-speak, look closer. It hints at a production process that is so tightly regimented from seed to bud that their high-quality flower will consistently deliver the same experience again and again.

True to its hyper focused commitment to developing the best product in its segment, their product list is limited. Maven is known for its premium flower and pre-rolls, featuring proprietary strains with sweet, citrus undertones. The company also supports the Last Prisoner Project, which fights for the rights of people imprisoned for marijuana crimes now considered legal or inconsequential.

maven genetics premium indoor grown cannabis of highest quality flowermy bud vase beautiful decorative bong work of art bongs

My Bud Vase is such a simply great idea, you might wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner. Chances are you have known someone who regularly left their bong sitting on the coffee table for all to see. Imagine instead if that bong had been a beautiful vase. Well, now it can be both!

Each vase is beautifully crafted as a decorative work of art that also functions as a great bong. Even the flower stem serves as a poker to clear the bowl after use. Each piece is designed to bring your home aesthetics to new highs. Owner Doreen Sullivan put her arts degree and decades of creative design to use when she set out to create a product line that would remove the stigma of marijuana bong use, especially for women and older adult smokers.

Jetty Solventless Vapes won the High Times SoCal People’s Choice Award for a reason. The unrivaled purity results in a higher level of potency from rosin that delivers the true essence of the plant. While longtime vape enthusiasts choose it for the great untainted flavor, this is a perfect place to start for novices hesitant to try vaping.

Jetty offers a three-tier system of vapes – a high potency distillate, live resin, and the high-end solventless vape. This latter process extracts resin without ethanol or other chemicals, using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. The result is a great product with a natural, uncompromised flavor. These vapes are making others take notice.

jetty solventless vapes extracts resin without ethanol high potency distillatehimalaya vapes full spectrum extracts entourage effect cannabis terpenes vaping

Like small batch craft beers, Himalaya Vapes are extracted in limited quantities from the finest sun-grown cannabis sourced from family farms across Northern California. Thankfully, this brand has finally found its way south.

One of their secrets lies in the potency and flavor derived from full spectrum extracts. Rather than targeting just the THC, their process captures all of the cannabis terpenes, bringing the entourage effect to vaping. After all, the product is named after the “highest” place on earth. While their small batch processing makes every blend a new adventure, stock up on your favorites before it sells out. Be sure to check out their cartridges, resin, and flower.

Leveraging the benefits of cannabis to improve quality of life has always been a top tier motivation for manufacturers. Hello Again is doing just that with their cannabis infused vaginal suppository for menopausal relief. Day or night formulas alleviate the physical and emotional imbalances brought about by menopause.

Formulated with soothing botanicals, these comfortable and convenient capsules deliver medicinal relief exactly where needed. The daytime formula regulates hot flashes and boosts your mental state without any psychoactive high. Enjoy a great night of uninterrupted sleep with the nighttime formula. It also makes a caring gift for someone who might benefit but wouldn’t otherwise try the product.

hello again cannabis infused vaginal suppository menopausal relief alleviate menopausethe leaf el paseo palm desert award-winning southern california dispensary

These are just a few of the new products you can find on dispensary shelves this season. More cannabis products are being developed for specific needs than ever before, with a little something for everyone. Be sure to visit a reputable dispensary this season for great new products, gift ideas, and the most beneficial cannabis experience.

Written in conjunction with The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert, an award-winning Southern California dispensary known for a curated product line, knowledgeable staff, and educational approach to cannabis.


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