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Top 5 Cannabis Edibles For Modern Day Survival

April 22, 2020 • 02 pm

These are interesting times we are living through, affecting each of us in different ways. Many of us are seeking ways to cope with excessive stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Others are looking for an elevated boost from the fog of uncertainty. Cannabis offers a variety of solutions to address how you feel.

While some may continue to find relief with familiar vape and flower products, The Leaf El Paseo has seen an increased interest in edible products, as some seek alternatives to inhaling their cannabis. Below we offer our top five edible choices for your cannabis consumption.

You will notice that gummies dominate the list of edible choices. There are several reasons why this is the case. As their popularity grows, manufacturers are offering cannabis gummies in an expanding variety of terpene profiles, strains, and flavors. There is something for everyone with products that include Sativa and Indica dominant strains, hybrids, CBD only, and everything in between.

Exciting flavors add to the appeal of cannabis gummies with recognizable fruit and candy flavors, or enticing combinations, such as pineapple habañero or watermelon lemonade. Gummies also travel well, often packaged in sturdy tins, with a longer shelf life and a better tolerance for higher temperatures than other edibles

These are our picks for Top 5 cannabis edibles:

gummies better good night sleep la quinta

Kiva Confections Midnight Blueberry Gummies [THC 5mg / CBN 1mg / per piece] – The Midnight Blueberry cannabis gummies were created by Kiva Confections to help customers get a much better night’s sleep. While a lot is known about THC and CBD, we are learning more about other minor cannabinoids. CBN has been found to help get people to sleep and stay asleep, without a heavy high effect attached to it. Ideally starting with a single gummy about an hour or two before bed, people report they wake up feeling refreshed without grogginess.

THC CBD 5mg gummies sleep indian wells ca kahna

Kanha Tranquility Gummies blue raspberry flavor [THC 5mg / CBD 5mg / Melatonin 1mg / per piece] – Tranquility gummies have a gentle sleepy effect induced by the perfect blend of THC, CBD, and melatonin. These Kanha gummies will help calm the body and mind as you prepare for a good night's sleep.

where can i buy cannabis gummies near me

Kanha Nano Gummy line [THC 5mg / per piece] – Available in Cran-Pomegranate (Sativa), Key Lime (Hybrid), or Passion Fruit (Indica) flavors, these cannabis gummies have been made with nanomolecular technology that breaks down the cannabinoids into micro-particles and can produce a faster onset of effects. These Kanha gummies are a great option for people who need a fast-acting effect but are not comfortable using inhalable options.

kanha nano vegan gummies THC 10mg sativa indica 92260

Kanha Nano Vegan Gummy line [THC 10mg / per piece] – Available in Blood Orange (Indica) and Luscious Lemon (Sativa), these cannabis gummies are vegan-friendly and use nanotechnology to deliver a fast-acting effect. The 10mg increment of THC is perfect for the person with a little higher tolerance, who finds they must eat too many 5mg gummies in order to reach the desired effect.

kiva confections relaxing THC 5mg chocolate covered candy near me

Kiva Terra Bites [THC 5mg per piece] – This versatile product line by Kiva Confections includes Chocolate Covered (CC) Blueberries, CC Peppermint Patties, CC Espresso Beans, CC Sea Salt Caramels, and CC Almonds (containing CBD 5mg / THC 1mg). These chocolate covered delights are as effective as they are delicious. Each candy delivers a relaxing effect without being too sedative, providing a great option for enjoying a day at home.

While these edibles make our current favorites list, you will find many more to suit your individual needs and cravings. Our full line of cannabis edibles includes baked goods, chocolates, mints, gummies, sparkling drinks, teas, coffee, honey, granola bars, capsules, and breath strips.


You will find one of the most extensive and curated range of quality cannabis products at The Leaf El Paseo. We only carry the finest products offered in California, produced by the most reputable manufacturers. You are invited to order from our online menu, choosing the right products to satisfy your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions in person or on the phone

Top 5 cannabis edibles for modern day survival


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