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May 12, 2020 • 01 pm

As life continues to twist and turn and swirl, recognizing what is really important can sometimes get lost in the mix. While many embrace the ancient Greek philosophy that the only constant in life is change, what we really want is help navigating the tough times. Fortunately, Californians have always been ahead of the curve on enjoying life and they did it again when they voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller

Celebrations are an important part of life’s experiences. Social distancing doesn’t have to stop the parties. There are a variety of ways to indulge. People are using technology to connect and communicate in real-time. Finding new and interesting ways to stay connected has been part of the fun.

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Some are having shared experiences at different times and then reconnecting to discuss their individual journeys. Book clubs have been doing this for years. Readers enjoy books individually, then get together to discuss their collective thoughts. It’s the same with friends trying CBD gummies or an Indica pre-roll and then comparing notes the next day.

There is a lot to enjoy and celebrate in life. Do it together. Do it alone. Do it responsibly.

The summer season also brings a lot of celebrations our way. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, endless barbeques, and pool parties. Be sure to step out of your everyday routine to enjoy these moments with family and friends.

As we boldly step into the uncertain times ahead, we always know that there are good days awaiting us, there for the taking. Seize the day and enjoy yourself, knowing that your favorite cannabis dispensary is open and ready to help you celebrate.

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The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert has done it again by putting together mind-blowing Party Packs with incredible savings, available for a limited time.

This latest bundle includes: Lowell Smokes Pre-rolls, Lagunitas HiFi Hops, Big Pete’s Cookie Bag, El Blunto Pre-roll, Plus Gummies, LEVEL Hangover Tablets, and a Rove Vape Pen for a savings of more than 35% OFF.

The best way to stay informed about the sales and promotions is to sign up for our mailing list. Whether you’re in the mood to try something new or looking for an old favorite, shop confidently knowing that The Leaf El Paseo only carries curated products from the most reputable manufacturers.

We look forward to celebrating the good times with you.

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