Ask The Leaf: Will Cannabis Help With My Anxiety?

May 29, 2019 • 02 pm

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I have always been an anxious person and would love to have something I could take at work that would make dealing with people and going to meetings a little more bearable. The thing is, I am terrified to smoke weed before going into the office out of fear everyone is going to know that I am super high and I am getting anxious now just thinking about it. Is there something I can take for my anxiety that won’t get me too high to work?
– Amanda, La Quinta

This is a great question, Amanda – we encounter a ton of people that would like to enjoy the relaxing benefits of cannabis, but simply don’t have the ability or time to be slowed down during the day. Fortunately, you can count on CBD (Cannabidiol) to help solve this issue! But, you have to find the right product and dosage that fits your lifestyle, so learning how CBD works is a vital step to relieving your own anxiety.

Cannabis and close relatives to cannabis, like hemp, produce a fascinating array of molecules known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD interact with different receptors in our body, and provide a variety of effects with this interaction. Recent medical studies (such as Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders, published in the Neurotherapeutics medical journal) has found that although CBD closely resembles THC on a molecular level, it does not provide euphoric or “high” effect, which makes CBD a perfect anti-anxiety option during your busy day.

Using CBD daily and getting a daily dose of the cannabinoid is the best way to see relief, it has not seemed to be as effective if it is only used in anxious moments.

Now that we have gained a little understanding for how CBD works, let’s dive into finding the right product for you! There are a plethora of CBD products, ranging from tinctures that are applied under the tongue, to tasty edible treats, and even pain relieving creams. As mentioned above, it is best to find a product that you can use each day – so product cost can sometimes play a factor. Just always be sure to find a reputable brand that has put in the effort to create a consistent product. We, at The Leaf, recommend finding a CBD tincture to introduce you to effects. We recommend a tincture, because it is a cost effective option that provides a consistent dose.

When starting out with cannabis products, it is always important to find the right dose (measured in milligrams or ‘mgs’ of CBD) for you as well. There are many theories as to where to start, but we have found that a good starting CBD dose is equal to ¼ of your body weight. So, a 200lb person can start with 50mg of CBD per day and adjust up or down from there, in 10mg increments. We also recommend using a consistent dose for 7-10 days to see if that is the right spot for you. Luckily, using too much CBD at a time can only provide a little sleepiness, so you are able to test out these products knowing that you won’t feel stoned and will be able to be effective during the work day.

If you would like to learn more about how cannabis works in our body, please come by The Leaf to have your questions answered by our professional and highly trained Cannabis Consultants.

We are ready to help you get more out of your day and kick anxiety on your own terms!

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