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Ask The Leaf: Does every cannabis product get me high?

April 15, 2019 • 11 am

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Welcome to Ask The Leaf, where the Palm Springs Area’s foremost Cannabis Expert, Chansce Pittard, answers your questions. This post is sponsored by The Leaf, Palm Desert’s newest dispensary – now open on El Paseo in Palm Desert. Let The Leaf’s cannabis consultants curate the perfect cannabis experience for your lifestyle! Have a question for a future Ask the Leaf article? Send it to The Leaf.

Hey Chansce, my knowledge of pot can basically be summed up as someone would pass me a joint at a concert and I would smoke it. I know a lot has changed since then (I’m not a dinosaur, but I am also not getting any younger). Can you tell me a little bit about the current state of the industry? I have heard it’s a lot more than just getting high. – Erin, Palm Springs

The cannabis industry across the world has endured many eras of prohibition and stigma, and the vast majority of the negative view on cannabis stems from massive amounts of misinformation.

One of the largest misconceptions with the current cannabis industry is that every cannabis based product is meant to provide a psychoactive or “high” effect. In the past 20 years, there have been massive amounts of studies on the fascinating cannabinoid CBD. CBD is a compound that naturally grows in cannabis, and is a perfect option for folks dealing with inflammation, body pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy or other neurological disorders, and so much more. CBD is a great solution for those that are always on-the-go, or simply don’t have any interest in a stoned effect.

The Leaf offers a wide variety of CBD based products – you will be able to find CBD based topicals, edibles, flower, beverages, and beyond. Drop by our beautiful store on El Paseo and connect with our highly educated staff to find the solution that best fits your lifestyle.

I am embarrassed to ask, but what is “flower?” – Mary Ann, Indian Wells

First Off, never be embarrassed to ask a cannabis question, that’s what we’re here for! The Leaf has been working for the last year to curate the best cannabis products that California has to offer. Our goal is to carefully select a variety of products that appeal to everyone from the first time consumer to the seasoned cannabis enthusiast.

As for Flower – if you prefer to experience the effects of cannabis found directly from mother nature, then some high-quality flower is perfect for you. Being that cannabis flower is such a diverse plant, you can find a cannabis solution that will increase your quality of life. Whether you are going out this weekend and need something to help get you into party mode or need some fast acting anxiety relief, the staff at The Leaf will help you find the best solution. We have carefully selected a wide variety of indoor and outdoor grown cannabis flower that will range in THC content.

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