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The Munchies

July 28, 2022 • 08 am

Let’s be real: One of the best things about consuming cannabis products is consuming something tasty after. Who among us hasn’t experienced that hardcore hankering for everything in the Hostess and Ben and Jerry’s sections of the grocery store after smoking a little weed?

That’s right, it’s your ol’ pal The Munchies.

Now, we’re not scientists, so forgive the simple explanation. For those unfamiliar with this waistline-expanding phenomenon, The Munchies is a side effect of THC interacting with a feeding hormone. This enhances your senses of smell and taste and tricks your brain into thinking that you’re really hungry. Like four Double Doubles and three orders of Animal Fries kinda hungry.

Our consultants here at The Leaf are no stranger to this phenomenon. So we decided to have a little foodie fun and asked the staff about their go-to munchies. We then took these off-the-wall combinations and turned them into something a little more… refined.

Katie submitted this gourmet pasta dish inspired by an American classic.

Freshly microwaved pasta is covered with a rich and creamy powdered cheese sauce from the world renowned Kraft kitchen. A tomato reduction sauce and garnish for flair complement this unique combination, leading to a flurry of flavor.

Kraft mac and cheese on a place circled with ketchup dots

Maclovia, ever the culinary adventurer, sent in quite the trio.

First, we start with a glaze of mixed fruit, spices, and sugar. Next, an elegant fruit leather rose and kaleidoscope colored stem, curated by none other than Betty Crocker. Then, ever so carefully, we adorn this flower with slices of perfectly fermented cucumber. Aged to perfection, until the pinnacle of flavor has been reached.

Fruit leather Rose on a plate with pickle leaves

Katie’s second submission was too good to pass up. This exquisite pairing will have you convinced you’re experiencing a Michelin Star-level dish.

Bite-sized, mini frankfurters dipped in a light corn batter base, ever so gently deep fried to golden perfection. A creation so delicate that the only way to serve them was atop a nest of soft, freshly microwaved ramen noodles. For maximum frankfurter comfort.

Three mini corn dogs on top of small beds ramen noodles

Carol, our rock, has nailed down this Munchies Meal, and we’re here for it. Plain, simple, and to the point, we’d scarf this down even if we weren’t high.

For this dish, we take two toaster friendly waffles and toast them slightly. A rest will allow these fluffy, sweet cakes to cool.

Freedom abounds and the combinations are endless — all you need is a fruit spread and your choice of peanut-based butter to make magic.

This delicacy can be served in a sandwich form, or open faced. Chanel takes The Munchies to new heights with this banger.

Lightly toasted peanut butter and jelly waffles

There’s a lot going on here. Let’s dig in, shall we? This is the pièce de résistance. A carefully piped design is the focal point of this dish. We opted for a mild mustard sauce as the creative medium. The vibrant yellow from turmeric helps make a statement no ordinary mustard can muster. The plate is then trimmed with fresh slices of brined cucumbers. This creates a barrier to keep all the flavor within the confines of the plate. Finally, using a mortar and pestle, we expertly crush spicy red cheese inspired snacks into oblivion, creating a delectable dust to subtly grace the surrounding area of the piece.

Mustard cannabis leaf with pickles and spicy chip crumbs

This concludes The Leaf’s deep dive into the world of staff pick Munchies. Thank you for joining us on this journey of flavor and satire. Now, while we may not know exactly how some (or all) of these dishes are actually prepared in the heat of the moment, this was an exciting look into the minds of our consultants.

Next time you stop in, this is a great talking point to bring up with your consultant. You heard some of ours, now we want to hear what your go-to Munchies are.

See you soon!


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