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Keep your dog’s fireworks anxiety at bay this Fourth of July, with VetCBD

June 29, 2022 • 03 pm

Keep your dog’s fireworks anxiety at bay this Fourth of July, with VetCBD. The Fourth of July is nearly upon us, which means food, fun, and lots of fireworks! For humans, it’s a day to celebrate our independence, but for our furry friends, the “bombs bursting in air” can cause confusion, fear, and anxiety.

It’s no secret that a dog’s hearing is far more attuned than a human’s. A canine can hear four times farther and can hear twice as many frequencies. When it comes to fireworks, we understand what they are and where they come from, but a dog has no idea.

This inexplicable and potentially terrifying sound might cause your pooch to shake, hide, urinate, or seek comfort from you. There’s no easy way to explain to them what is happening, but there is an easy way to mitigate the stress and anxiety they may be feeling.

VetCBD specializes in cannabis tinctures for pets. These drops not only help with inflammation, nausea, pain, and seizures, but they also ease anxiety. This 10:1 CBD:THC formula won’t make Fido higher than the fireworks, but it will instill and maintain calmness.

We want you to have a fun and worry free Fourth of July weekend. Stop in today and ask about the VetCBD products that we carry. Your pet is family, and family gets the best care here at The Leaf.

Calm dog with PetCBD


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