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Introduction to Concentrates by Carlos Ledesma

June 10, 2022 • 11 am

With the everchanging methods of consumption, for both recreational and medicinal use, the cannabis industry has truly come a long way. In more recent years, the act of “dabbing”, also known as “vaporizing concentrate”, has become a popular, and very beginner friendly, way to consume marijuana.

The term “dab” is a slang term often used to describe cannabis concentrates. The term comes from the fact that a small amount of these highly potent concentrates will do the trick. Dabbing can sometimes be intimidating for a new user.

Let’s go over some basics:

  • Most dabbers carry a variety of tools like dab nails, a carb cap, bong and/or dab tool. A blow torch is also a necessity for using concentrates. These are all items that we carry at The Leaf.
  • Dabbing can be seen as a healthier method for consumption, an alternative to smoking flower. Smoking produces carcinogens, which can lead to throat and lung irritation. With dabbing, the user gets a cleaner hit, with less irritation. Because of the high terpene concentration, dabbing can result in a more intense high and elevated taste.
  • Consumers with severe medical issues or high tolerance can benefit from concentrates.

Keep in mind that this is just an introduction, “Concentrates With Carlos” will continue with more in depth information as each segment comes out. Thank you for joining us, we hope to educate more and more people on the benefits of concentrates.


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