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Concentrates with Carlos Solvent vs. Solventless Extracts

July 08, 2022 • 01 pm

With the many different types of concentrates on the market today, it can be tough deciding which one might be right for you. Cannabis concentrates are sorted according to how they’re produced and there are two basic families of concentrates.

Solvent extracts are made with solvents such as CO2, while solventless extracts are produced without them. Solvent extractions are usually less expensive and easier to produce as opposed to solventless. Let’s dive into the different types of solvent extracts:

Oils: Most commonly used for vape cartridges but can also be used for edibles and topicals. Oils have a thick liquid consistency.


Shatter: Gold or amber in color with a hard shell that breaks apart like glass. Very potent.


Budder/Batter/Badder: Thick and gooey, like the texture of cake batter, but also has a slight drip. The ideal color ranges from gold to blonde.


Sugar: The consistency of wet sugar with a semi-crystalline base.


Crumble: Looser and drier in texture, dark yellow in color. Tends to be less expensive than most other solvent extracts.


Live resin: Made by flash freezing the whole living plant and then chilled by using a solvent during the extraction process. This also retains the richest terpene profile that is more fragrant and flavorful.

Live resin

Diamonds: Contain the highest degree of purity and resemble a diamond. Made of one cannabis compound such as THCa or CBD.


An elevated experience

Solventless extractions are produced by physical manipulation and temperature changes. They are more labor intensive and therefore more expensive. They are considered the cleanest and most natural concentrate.

Rosin, another form of a solventless extract, is made with heat and pressure. This is the purest type of concentrate.

When you start dabbing into dabs, be sure to do some research. The Budtenders here at The Leaf are a treasure trove of information and can help you find what works best for your medicinal or recreational needs, as well as your budget.

When it comes to concentrates, it’s important to take it low and slow. Be sure to consult the experts at The Leaf El Paseo for a more elevated experience.


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