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Chocolate and Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

February 10, 2022 • 03 pm

Chocolate and flowers?

How about edibles and flower? The Leaf’s Valentine's Day Hit List

Chocolate. Dating back to the Aztec empire, this decadent treat was a symbol of luxury. Only a select few were allowed to indulge in this special treat. Eventually, chocolate became the popular Valentine’s Day treat we all know and love today, available in abundance to the masses. Kisses, chocolate rose bouquets, lines out the door at every chocolate store in town. It’s a scene we are all too familiar with, but who says that needs to be the standard for Valentine’s Day prep?

Chocolate is great, but what about edibles? We have some products here at The Leaf that we think you might love to indulge in this Valentine’s Day.

Kiva Dark Chocolate Bar

Kiva edibles at The Leaf El Paseo Valentine's Day

Boasting 57% cacao, with flavors of black coffee and dark cherry, this chocolate is ready to take you higher. Spoil your palette with this 100mg bar of absolute delight. Crafted from sustainably sourced, premium cacao infused with handmade, cold water cannabis extract, it will take you on a euphoric trip to the moon, so pack accordingly. If that’s too far a journey, prepare to stay in for some extremely relaxed Netflix and chill. No matter your decision, the Kiva Dark Chocolate bar is ready to be a part of your Valentine’s Day plans.

It’s not a proper Valentine’s Day without strawberries. Even in that department, we have you covered. While these aren’t the traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, we think you’ll be just as happy. We’re breaking free from tradition, remember?

Kanha Cannabis Infused Strawberry Gummies

Kanha gummies at The Leaf El Paseo Valentine's Day

Made with all natural ingredients, colors, and flavors, these gummies are of the utmost quality. Each gummy is infused with high quality cannabis oil and comes with an exceptionally soft texture and superior mouthfeel. You and your partner will be relaxed, warm, and calm once these gummies activate. The perfect addition for a binge-watching session or journey of self (or co-) discovery.

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without flowers, now would it? Lucky for you, flowers (or buds, more specifically) are our specialty.

Pure Beauty Box

Pure Beauty at The Leaf El Paseo Valentine's Day

She’s already wrapped and ready to go. Pure Beauty, a boutique cannabis brand from Los Angeles, puts its focus on minimalistic design and high quality indoor grown flower. These Pure Beauty Babies aren’t just pretty, they are locked and loaded 100% whole indica flower. These pocket-sized cuties pack a citrusy aroma and sweet taste and will take you on a deeply relaxing, smiley high.

However, you choose to celebrate the day of love, just know that we’re here for you. Our knowledgable budtenders are standing by to welcome you and your Valentine into our state-of-the-art luxury showroom. No lines out the door to deal with, only exceptional service for our elites.

Your Valentine’s Day plans begin at The Leaf.


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