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March 04, 2021 • 11 am

As the legal cannabis industry matures, more canna education information is becoming available to consumers. Cannabis education, product research, new developments, and public discussions have all expanded the knowledge base of cannabis use. Information has been brought into the light, which increases the collective knowledge, open debate, and validity on the widespread uses of cannabis products. Today there are many good resources available for cannabis education and we would like to share a few of our favorites.

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Illegalization efforts took effect in the early 1900s and held strong for most of the century. Therefore, cannabis research and education were conducted in limited settings, and often with skewed objectives. There have been pioneers in marijuana advocacy throughout the decades, but even their work had limitations and was often shrouded in controversy.

When medical marijuana use was legalized in California in 1996, it created opportunities for the legitimate, open study of the plant and the benefits of human consumption. The first legal recreational use in Colorado in 2014 and subsequent law changes in dozens of states have led to further study.

The boom in cannabis education is due to many factors. Tax revenue from dispensary sales has made research funding available. Private companies have funded research into medicinal and recreational use. Fear of federal prosecution has been greatly diminished. Widespread public acceptance has opened dialog and removed stigmas.

There are a variety of online resources available for expanding your cannabis knowledge. We find that the best resources provide an education-first introduction to cannabis products. These are usually education and advocacy groups fighting against decades of legislative bias with informed data to support their positions on everything from specific medical treatments to mental stimulation. Our favorite cannabis education resources are not product manufacturers or retailers, but those in the trenches fighting decades of public disinformation and propaganda.

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Green Flower is a leader in cannabis education. They offer certifications and classes for industry professionals, establishing benchmarks and standards for the cannabis sector. Their news section is a vast resource for beginners and more sophisticated cannabis enthusiasts, with categories such as How To, Medical Conditions, Edibles, and Cannabinoids. Their recipes typically do not suggest particular brands and their recommendations do not promote products. This is a great resource for beginners as well as those more advanced.

Leafly is a cannabis resource website based in Seattle. They provide good generic information and content, but they sell product advertising and have dispensary listings, too. If you discern between the advertising and editorial content, you will find it to be a very good resource for industry updates, product development, health, lifestyle, do-it-yourself (DIY), and even growing tips.

To stay current on the latest news about marijuana laws, national legalization efforts, and fun facts, the weekly Purablis newsletter provides a nice, easy summary of happenings. You can ignore the website but sign up for their email newsletter which arrives every week or two with a roundup of news around the country and no spam.

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For those who favor science, Cannabis & Tech Today just might become your go-to source. Every article seems to have a scientific angle to it, which is reassuring when it comes to cannabis. Of course, they cover science and technology extremely well. Plenty of good information here with a great website, newsletter, magazine, and podcast.

Nobody does advocacy better than the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Founded by an attorney in 1970, this Washington DC-based non-profit takes on everything from the Feds to local politicians to disinformation campaigns. They fight for legal reform and an end to criminalization for marijuana use. Keep up on law changes state by state, find cannabis lawyer referrals, and learn how you can get involved in the cause.

Marijuana Moment is like the town crier of cannabis business, culture, and politics. Especially politics. They cover pop culture and lifestyle, but it lags in comparison. When it comes to anything political or newsworthy, learn about everything everywhere in what seems like real-time with their daily newsletter and tweets.

For a one-on-one conversation and answers to questions about specific products, your best resource is to find a trusted dispensary staffed with cannabis consultants who exhibit broad knowledge and can tailor conversations to your personal needs and cannabis experience level.

In Southern California, The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert is widely recognized for its education-first approach to cannabis sales. Their friendly staff is known for moving past the typical cutesy weed budtender or bearded stoner, and imparting knowledge gleaned from cannabis education, training, and practical knowledge.

If you are looking for an elevated dispensary experience visit The Leaf El Paseo at or call 760-568-5323.


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