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The Best Cannabis Tech of the Season

November 18, 2020 • 09 am

As legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis research grows, vape, flower, edible, and topical products are refined to better meet individual needs. The same innovation is being seen across the spectrum of technology being developed to provide convenient cannabis usage, more effective product absorption, and elevated user experiences.

Many recognize The Leaf El Paseo in Palm Desert as one of the leading cannabis retailers in Southern California. Located in an upscale shopping district, this unique dispensary provides a consultative approach to cannabis by offering curated products, reputable product sourcing, and cannabis-educated staff.

The Leaf El Paseo is often among the first to bring the best products and the latest offerings from leading manufacturers. This holiday season provides an opportunity to learn about these products from the award-winning dispensary.

bello vapor tap party vape for group vaping cannabis california

First up is the Bello Vapor Tap. This fun tech product lets you share your favorite vape concentrate in a whole new way as it puts vape on tap for everyone to enjoy. When you’re ready for a hit, simply press your glass on the Bello to fill it with vapor, then “drink in” the vapor, and let the magic come to you. Individual glasses make it safe for sharing. New to the market, this innovative product is sure to delight everyone.

phlip philter mini portable smoke air filter flip smokeless odor free

Those who worry about second-hand vapor or smoke can exhale a sigh of relief, the PHILTEЯ is here. When smoking or vaping simply exhale into this portable air filtration device. No smoke. No vapor. No odor. Small yet powerful, PHILTEЯ uses clever engineering and science to clear the air. Slip a cartridge into the silicone sleeve and you are ready to go. The PHLIP version even holds your slim vape device and filter together, close at hand. Keep your environment smoke-free and odor-free at work, home, public places, or in your car.

puffco peak pro cannabis concentrate dabbing vape pipe large

The Peak Pro keeps it simple. By not trying to be everything at once, it simply provides the best concentrate experience for users of all levels. Make no mistake, this is high-tech, app enabled dab gear with chamber sensors, lighting effects, real-time temperature control, and wireless charging (optional). Puffco, already known for its industry-leading standards, has taken this next generation device to a higher level.

grav octo taster 16mm hitter pipe black silicone sleeve protected

Anyone familiar with GRAV Labs knows their products rely on glass to promote a clean burn and taste. The trouble with glass is that it doesn’t always travel well. Introducing the GRAV Octo-Taster. This portable 16mm hitter has a black silicone skin which provides extra end to end protection, a storage cap on the bowl, and a mouthpiece that filters any ash. Great for smokers on-the-go.

grav milk carton glass water pipe bubbler marijuana bong

The GRAV Milk Carton design stands out as a conversation piece. Shaped like an open cafeteria milk carton, this bubbler has plenty of open space for diffusion with a spout positioned to prevent splashback. This water pipe utilizes a clever design to improve function and makes an interesting addition to any collection.

grav small bell base water pipe palm desert palm springs

Among flare-bottomed devices, this clear glass water pipe is a convenient size, especially considering its features. The GRAV Small Bell Base Water Pipe delivers smoke through an orb perc that diffuses nicely with about 2” of water. It comes ready to use with an included cup bowl or swap out for your own favorite bowl or banger. The 9” tall pipe and tiered design keeps water from splashing out, a nice feature for individual use or passing around.

grav coffee mug bubbler glass bong marijuana artistic design

The GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler is a winner on so many levels. It feels familiar in your hand and brings an extra surprising element of fun to any smoke. The clever design uses the hollow handle to deliver the smoke into the perc of this effective bubbler. Users find this mug is easy to clean and provides a nice, water-free puff. It’s a crowd pleaser all the way around.

cannabis firefly 2+ vaporizer 500 degrees micro dosing flower concentrate

You will find all of the perfection in the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer that you would expect in a 3rd generation design. The dynamic heat control allows a wider release of terpenes and terpenoids through a 200-500°F range. The convection heat activates quickly, allowing easy, one hit micro-dosing. The device works equally well with flower or concentrate and smoke travels via a glass conduit to deliver true flavor. Highly rated.

heir waterpipe water pipe marijuana bubbler bong best design ergonomic

Form meets function as the Heir Waterpipe breaks all the rules. This pipe does a nice job of walking the line between being a bubbler and a bong. It has the all-inclusive convenience and durability of a bubbler, as well as a rather large bowl and ample venting for an easy draw similar to a bong. The mouthpiece angles perfectly for keeping an eye on the bowl while you smoke. It also has an ergonomic friendly weight and balance that feels nice in the hand. And the sleek Scandinavian design just might have people talking.

The evolution and legal commercialization of cannabis is leading to better, more refined products and devices more capable of achieving optimum results. There are plenty of opportunities to improve your user experience in whatever way that cannabis is a part of your life. To find the best experience, be sure you are consulting with a knowledgeable staff with access to quality products.

Whether you are in the market for cannabis or gear, you can find the best curated products at The Leaf El Paseo. Shop online or stop in-store to see a wide variety of products, perfect for personal use or giving as gifts. Consultants are always on hand to assist with any questions you may have. Come find out what makes shopping at The Leaf El Paseo an elevated experience!


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