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Let’s Work Out: How Cannabis Can Complement An Active Lifestyle

March 24, 2022 • 01 pm

You probably don’t associate cannabis with an active lifestyle. That’s because in the past marijuana was heavily associated with “stoner” culture. You know the drill: Take a hit, hit the couch, and then comes the munchies. With this reputation, and because of its former illegal status, cannabis suffered from negative stigma — deserved or not.

But just as times have changed, so has the reputation of our favorite flower. Today, cannabis has gone mainstream and it’s used for a variety of ailments and conditions, from muscle and joint pain to anxiety and insomnia.

Active lifestylers and athletes have taken hold of this in a big way. When it comes to training, pain management, recovery, and rest, there’s no better (or more natural) way to take the win than with cannabis.

You can find CBD and THC products in just about everything these days. Oils, gummies, creams, balms, lotions, you name it. There’s no shortage of cannabis products, and we’ve got an impressive inventory for all your needs here at The Leaf El Paseo.

With picturesque mountain ranges, warm temps, and endless blue skies, it’s no surprise that many Coachella Valley residents enjoy an active lifestyle. With CV Link, the Tour De Palm Springs, numerous 5Ks, amazing golf courses, and incredible hiking trails, it’s one of the most enviable places to call home.

Just look at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, host of this month’s BNP Paribas, also known as the sport’s unofficial fifth major. Once again we welcome the athletes, staff, volunteers and spectators from around the world to our beautiful desert. For homegrown athletes and visitors alike, The Leaf has something for everyone in store.

Papa and Barkley

Papa & Barkley relief products

Looking for mental focus and clarity? Papa & Barkley Focus Releaf Raw Tincture is perfect for boosting focus and productivity while keeping the high at bay. While Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm is ideal for providing comfort, soothing sore muscles, and alleviating achy joints. There’s no high with those products either, so you can recoup with your feet planted firmly on the court. Simply apply and let it work its magic.

Care By Design

care by design joint and muscle cream and cbd products

Benefitting body and mind, Care By Design Joint and Muscle Cream will soothe on contact. It does have both THC and CBD, but since it’s topical, there’s no high associated with it. Aloe vera, shea butter, and essential oils make this the perfect partner for recovery.

Care By Design CBD drops can ease your mind on a stressful day, amp up overall wellness, and can help you doze off into a solid slumber. Tough workouts or stressful competition days are no match to these top players.

Mary’s Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals relief and cbd products

Our final trio here is no stranger to relief. When “Greater Strength. Greater Balance. Greater Relief” is the literal motto for a product, you know it’s going to work well, and that’s the case for Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Compound. This product not only takes effect quickly, but was curated to specifically offer superior, long-lasting wellness benefits. The Remedy from Mary’s provides physical and mental relief and is an easy way to boost your daily wellness routine. Last but not least, make aches and pains a thing of the past with Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze. Its cooling effect and quick onset will have you feeling good in no time.

Injury and pain have no place in an active lifestyle, and The Leaf is here to ensure that sticks. Come visit our luxury showroom today, and let us show you around. Whatever your needs may be, our knowledgeable and helpful budtenders are ready to assist.


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